Professional Development Program

First year

The academic workload and adjustment to life as a graduate student challenge many who enter the MPA program. The first year of the PD program is designed to develop skills to help students thrive in this new environment and to apply these skills in their personal and professional life.  Main objectives include:

  1. Reflect on one’s own professional development to identify areas of improvement and set goals to support progress;
  2. Enhance professional skills, such as: time management, presentation skills and networking;
  3. Prepare for the internship process by developing professional résumés, cover letters and interview skills;
  4. Demonstrate capability to request and offer constructive feedback and support related to their own and colleagues' professional development.

Second year

The academic workload in the second year of the MPA offers more elective courses and increased opportunity to participate in developmental activities. The second year of the PD program builds on the skills developed in first year, with an increased focus on preparing students for a successful career in the public service. Main objectives include:

  1. Prepare a professional development learning plan based on a grounded exploration of career prospects, current capabilities and personal interests;
  2. Increase competence working in collaborative teams, grounded in greater knowledge of team development and individual behavioural orientations;
  3. Demonstrate ability to provide helpful coaching / mentoring to first year students and ability to be coached / mentored with respect to professional development;
  4. Reflect on professional development achieved over the two year MPA program and identify learning priorities to achieve career success.