IPE in the Practice Setting

Students doing fieldwork or clinical placements are often at the same site with students from other professions at the same time, providing an opportunity for interprofessional education experiences that truly bring to life the concepts of patient/family centred-care and collaborative teamwork.

How can students find opportunities for IPE experiences in the practice setting?

  • Tell your preceptor or your program's Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education that you would like to participate in an IPE experience during your practicum/fieldwork experience.
  • When you arrive at your placement setting, seek out students from other professions and other institutions and explore opportunities to collaborate.  You could also ask your preceptor to help you organize an interprofessional collaboration.
  • Talk to students who have had an IPE experience in the practice setting and find out what they did and what worked well.

How can students get credit for an IPE practice setting experience?