Aphasia Book Club

Many people who have aphasia have difficulty with reading. A number of years ago, the Aphasia Center of California began researching reading programs for people with aphasia, and a weekly book club was created. Since 2007, the Dalhousie Aphasia Book Club was started to support individuals who have reading challenges because of their aphasia. The group meets weekly on Tuesday afternoons.

Under the guidance and supervision of speech-language pathologists, graduate students from the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders are involved in facilitating all of the aphasia programs. Student involvement benefits the students, who have an excellent opportunity to learn about aphasia through these programs, and it also benefits the participants as they are able to receive "customized" evidence-based treatment from energetic, motivated interns who are eager to provide cutting edge therapy.

What happens at the book club?

Each term (8-10 weeks) a book is assigned to Book Club members. The Club meets on a weekly basis.  Books are provided, along with audio tapes and chapter notes. If a participant cannot read independently, he/she can follow along with the tape version or can read the notes (with help from someone at home).

Book Club members must be willing to try to read the assigned pages each week and prepare to answer questions about the chapters. The Club meets and discusses the assigned reading.

Even if you have significant problems with reading, you may be able to participate. We will help you to use the skills you have and to develop new skills. There is a screening session to determine if the Book Club will be of benefit to you.

Where does the book club meet?

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dalhousie University
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Buidling
5850 College Street
2nd Floor, Room 2C01
Halifax, Nova Scotia

When does book club take place?

Tuesdays: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Fall Term:  September - December
Winter Term:  January - April
Spring/Summer Term (Spring 2019): May 7 to June 25

How to become part of the book club

Contact aphasia@dal.ca

Are there any costs?

The choices for book club fees for this term are as follows (book club fee includes chapter summaries):

  • OPTION 1:   Book Club fee $90 (Purchase book or borrow from library on your own)
  • OPTION 2:   Book + Book Club fee $100
  • OPTION 3:   Kindle Loan (with audio) + Book Club fee $100
  • OPTION 4:   Book + Kindle (with audio) + Book Club fee $110