Remigius U. Agu



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Phone: 902-494-2092
Mailing Address: 
5968 College Street
PO Box 15000
College of Pharmacy
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Respiratory-Nasal
  • Transporters
  • Toxicity screening
  • Drug delivery



  • BSc(Pharm) (U Nigeria)
  • MSc(Pharmacology) (U Nigeria)
  • MSc(Pharmaceutics) (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)
  • PhD (Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics) (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA

Research interests

Development and optimization of novel respiratory drug delivery systems and screening methods. This involves basic, applied and translational research that spans across tissue culture development, drug transporter screening, drug formulation and delivery for potential treatment of hyperthyroidism, pain and chronic inflammatory respiratory diseases.

Selected publications

  • Agu RU, Mactavish JK, Yeung P, Imran SA.  Thyroid hormone (levothyrozine) replacement via the respiratory route by inhalation: in vitro exploratory studies.  Expert Opin Drug Deliv. 2016 Feb; 13(2):195-205.
  • Parikh A, Anand U, Ugwu MC, Feridooni T, Massoud E, Agu RU.  Pharmaceutics. 2014 May 27;6(2):249-67.
  • Shao D, Massoud E, Clarke D, Cowley E, Renton K, Agu RU. Optimization of human nasal epithelium primary culture conditions for optimal proton oligopeptide and organic cation transporters expression in vitro. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2013 Jan 30; 441(1-2):334-42.
  • Macdonald C, Shao D, Oli A, Agu RU. Characterization of Calu-3 cell monolayers as a model of bronchial epithelial transport: organic cation interaction studies. Journal of Drug Targeting. 2013 Jan; 21(1):97-106.
  • Agu RU, Cowley E, Shao D, Macdonald C, Kirkpatrick D, Renton K, Massoud E. Proton-coupled oligopeptide transporter (POT) family expression in human nasal epithelium and their drug transport potential. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2011 Jun 6;8(3):664-72.