Strategic Plan

The College of Pharmacy Strategic Plan 2023

At the Dalhousie University College of Pharmacy, we feel that it’s important to set a clear path for our future. By setting clear goals for our college, we ensure that we move forward with a common vision.

Who We Are - Our Guiding Light

Advance Maritime health through pharmacy education and research.

Our Values 

  • We strive for excellence
  • We embed equity and inclusion in everything we do
  • We embrace broad perspectives of health
  • We care for our students, staff and faculty
  • We collaborate with respect and reciprocity
  • We commit to viable growth

Our Focus Areas 

  • Inspire connection and learning with students and alumni
  • Support and elevate faculty and staff experience
  • Advance and champion EDIA in our College
  • Develop and promote impactful research


These are the metrics by which we will measure our Focus Area success, supported by the last two tiers of the lighthouse — projects and tasks. These are the tactical aspects of the plan and will evolve and shift as they are accomplished and replaced by new initiatives. We are excited to share our progress in these areas here when they reach completion.