Meaghan Noye

(BHSc'11 - Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound)

The ultrasound program offered me challenges, hands-on practice, and actual patient interaction in the local hospitals. It prepared me for a real job in the real world—concrete experience in the hospital setting.

Detective work

Meaghan Noye originally came to Dal from Summerside, P.E.I., with the thought of becoming a pharmacist. But after a year of taking sciences, and doing a bit of research, she decided it wasn’t the career she wanted. Then she discovered the School of Health Sciences.

“I thought the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program sounded like it suited me perfectly,” she says. “I would get to solve mysteries, have one-on-one contact with patients, face intellectually stimulating challenges every day, and showcase my decision-making skills.”

One aspect of the program that appealed to her was the ability to write the national certification exam before completing her degree. It allowed Meaghan to move back to Summerside after her third year to work as a diagnostic medical ultrasonographer in Prince County Hospital. Thanks to online classes, she was able to finish her fourth year part time while working full time.

“Studying at the School of Health Sciences had a direct effect on preparing me for my career,” she says. “You get all the theoretical knowledge and you’re taught how to continuously research and find new information in your field that you can apply to the job. You’re shown the techniques needed in ultrasound, your instructors and hospital preceptors help fine-tune your skills, and they build your confidence so you know when you complete the program you’re more than ready to enter the work force.”

She may be happy to be home, but there’s a lot about her time at Dal that she misses. “I really enjoyed the campus life—going places, meeting new people, and experiencing life in a bigger city,” she says. “Dalhousie’s student population is larger than my hometown’s, but my classes were small and allowed me to really get to know my classmates and instructors well. I always felt comfortable asking questions if I didn’t understand. The instructors are amazing!”