Leah Walsh

BSc, MSc, OC(C), COMT; Associate Professor


Email: leah.walsh@iwk.nshealth.ca
Phone: (902) 470-8958
Mailing Address: 
IWK Health Centre
5850 University Avenue, 6th Floor
P.O.Box 9700, Halifax, NS
B3K 6R8

Clinical Appointments

  • Orthoptist/Ophthalmic Medical Technologist, IWK Health Centre, Halifax NS


  • BSc Biology (cum laude), Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS 1991
  • Orthoptic/Ophthalmic Medical Technology Training, School of Orthoptics & Ophthalmic Medical Technology, IWK Children's Hospital, Halifax, NS 1993
  • MSc Clinical Vision Science, Dalhousie University 2006

Current Teaching

VISC 5230.03 - Extraocular Motility Disorders

Extraocular motility disorders and their treatment form the foundation for the understanding of ocular misalignment. In this class, anomalies of eye movement will be analyzed and the etiology will be reviewed. Emphasis, though, will be placed on the clinical presentation, formulation of diagnosis, and patient prognosis of anomalous extraocular motility.

FORMAT: Lecture and lab
PREREQUISITE: VISC 5010.03 or permission of instructor

VISC 5330.03 - Treatment of Ocular Motility Disorders

This class will examine and discuss the management of ocular motility anomalies. An overview of historical and current treatment modalities both surgical and non-surgical will be discussed. Emphasis will be given to the determination and application of appropriate management plans in case scenarios.

FORMAT: Lecture and lab
This class is a prerequisite for Practicum II

Research Interests & Activities

Leah’s main research area of interest is the pathophysiology and management of amblyopia and the various therapeutic modalities for extraocular motility disorders, specifically exodeviations. She has served as committee member and examining committee member for MSc students in the Clinical Vision Science program.

Leah is also the Clinical Site Coordinator for PEDIG studies at the IWK Eye Clinic