Engineers in Residence Program

The Engineer in Residence is a professional engineer who mentors engineering students throughout their course of studies and especially during their Capstone Design Projects. The Engineer in Residence also develops and fosters relationships between industry and faculty members, with the goal of creating synergetic opportunities for students, faculty and industry. 

The EiR program evolved through the work of Dr. Clifton Johnston, who holds the NSERC Chair in Design Engineering. The program is based on the idea that forging stronger relationships between students, faculty and industry will enhance student learning, deepen connections between academia and industry, and benefit companies by increasing their capacity for productivity and innovation.

Engineers in Residence Activities

The Engineers in Residence report directly to the Chair and also work closely with faculty members in their respective departments. EiRs are involved in their departments through:

  • Mentoring capstone project teams.
  • One-on-one mentoring of graduating students.
  • Providing guest lectures.
  • Engaging other professionals to act as guest speakers.
  • Participating in department activities.
  • Working with faculty to identify industry partners.
  • Working with clients to develop capstone project opportunities.

The work of the group aligns closely with the goals and initiatives of the Chair, and includes leading the following annual initiatives:

  • Capstone Kick-off Pub Night (September)
  • Dalhousie Engineering Capstone Conference (April)
  • Friends of Capstone Banquet (May)

Meet our Engineers in Residence