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Faculty of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Awards

Posted by Engineering Communications on March 22, 2017 in News

The Faculty of Engineering has an exceptional mix of professors and instructors. In addition to their leading research skills and reputation, they are an excellent example of the overall quality and caliber of the faculty.

Each year, undergraduate students within the faculty recognize their top professors in each discipline by voting on the Outstanding Teaching Awards.

Awards are voted upon based on a variety of criteria such as innovative learning approaches, effective use of technology and overall quality of teaching.

For Civil Engineering professor, Dr. Hany El Naggar, one of the key elements he tries to incorporate in the classroom is teamwork and the opportunity to tackle real life problems.

“It’s not all theory. It’s how we utilize the theory to achieve the best designs,” he says. “I think the thing the students like is that I care about them and I don’t just go to the classroom with pre-solved problems. The students and I solve them together.”

Dr. El Naggar is one of the winners of this year’s Outstanding Teaching Awards. 

Here is a list of all the award recipients:

Chemical Engineering:

Dr. Jan B. Haelssig

Civil Engineering:

Dr. Hany El Naggar

Electrical Engineering:

Kyle Park

Environmental Engineering:

Dr. Paul Amyotte

Industrial Engineering:

Dr. Peter VanBerkel

Materials Engineering:

Dr. Zoheir Farhat

Mechanical Engineering:

Dr. Ted Hubbard

Mining Engineering:

Dr. John Hill