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Professor, Paul Amyotte's, recently published book, examines the myths associated with dust explosions

Posted by Jennifer Moore on July 29, 2013 in Research

Chemical Engineering Professor, Paul Amyotte's new book, An Introduction to Dust Explosions, examines the reasons why preventable dust explosions continue to occur in industry in spite of significant research and practice efforts worldwide over many years.

Amyotte's book describes a number of dust eplosion myths - which together cover the main source of dust explosion hazards - the reasons they exist and the corresponding scientific and engineering facts that mitigate these circumstances. The book also includes a critical guide to managing and mitigating dust explosion risks.

Paul Amyotte is the Editor of the Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries and is a Past-President of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering. He has also recently been appointed President Elect of Engineering Canada and has held the C.D. Howe Chair in Engineering at Dalhousie University since 2011.

Paul's book can be found here: