Ismet Ugursal

Professor & Recruitment Coordinator

Ismet Ugursal
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 902-494-2246
Fax: 902-423-6711
Mailing Address: 
1360 Barrington St, PO BOX 15000
Sexton Campus; Room C1-361
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2


  • BSc (Mechanical Engineerig), Bogazici University
  • MEng (Industrial Engineering), PhD (Chemical Engineering), TUNS
  • PEng

Research interests

  • Energy
  • Thermo/Fluids
  • Energy System Modeling
  • Residential Energy Consumption
  • Advanced Power Cycles

(Modeling and analysis of energy consumption in the residential sector, Energy management, planning and conservation, Energy conservation, Advanced power generation cycles, Heat Pump Systems, Design and analysis of building thermal systems.)


Dr. Ugursal worked in various areas of energy engineering as a consultant, project director, researcher, and teacher. He has worked on energy and international development projects in Canada, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Russia, Columbia, The Gambia, Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines and Thailand. Over the past ten years, he received more than 20 research contracts and grants as the project director/principal investigator with a total external funding of more than $2 million.

Before joining the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS amalgamated with Dalhousie University on April 1, 1997), he worked as a project engineer in a consulting engineering company specializing in energy management and conservation. During this term, he conducted a wide range of energy optimization projects in the commercial and institutional building sectors, as well as the industrial sector.

Prior to his consulting career, he worked in the Energy and Mechanical Engineering Division of Marmara Research Centre of the National Research Council of Turkey. He was involved in a wide range of solar energy and industrial energy optimization projects.


He teaches courses on thermodynamics, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, energy management, internal combustion engines, and energy conversion.


  • Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award of the Society of Automotive Engineers, 1990
  • United Nations TOKTEN award, 1993
  • Professor of the Year award (given by Senior Mechanical Engineering students, an honor he cherishes the most), 2001

Selected publications

  • Nikoofard, S, Ugursal, VI, Beausoleil-Morrison, I. Economic analysis of energy upgrades based on tolerable capital cost. J of Energy Engineering, accepted for publication, March 2014.
  • Nikoofard, S, Ugursal, VI, Beausoleil-Morrison, I. An Investigation of the Technoeconomic Feasibility of Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating for the Canadian Housing Stock Solar Energy. Solar Energy. 101 (2014) 308-320. 
  • Asaee, R, Ugursal, VI, Beausoleil-Morrison, I, Ben-Abdallah, N. Preliminary study for solar combisystem potential in Canadian houses. In-print, Applied Energy. Dec. 2013.  
  • Ugursal, VI. Energy consumption, associated questions and some answers. In-press. Applied Energy. Nov. 2013.
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  • Nikoofard, S, Ugursal, VI, Beausoleil-Morrison, I. Technoeconomic assessment of the impact of window improvements on the heating and cooling energy requirement and GHG emissions of the Canadian Housing Stock. J of Energy Engineering, accepted for publication, May 2013.
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  • Swan, L, Ugursal, VI, Beausoleil-Morrison, I. A Database of House Descriptions Representative of the Canadian Housing Stock for Coupling to Building Energy Performance Simulation. J. of Building Performance Simulation. 2/2 (2009) 75–84. (One of the 10 most downloaded papers of 2010).
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