Farid Taheri


Farid Taheri

Email: farid.taheri@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-3935
Fax: 902-494-3108
Mailing Address: 
1360 Barrington St, PO BOX 15000
Sexton Campus; Room D-308
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Dr. Taheri teaches courses in mechanics of materials, computations, finite element methods (linear and non-linear), fracture mechanics and fatigue, and fiber-reinforced plastics.  He is mainly interested in understanding and modelling structural and materials response with computational and experimental methods to offer cost-effective solutions. My main research areas are finite element modelling of highly nonlinear phenomena, mainly exploring the response of advanced fiber-reinforced polymer composites, nanocomposites and fiber-metal laminate composites. A large portion of my research aims at characterizing the impact response of the aforementioned materials (both low-velocity and high-velocity impacts) and explorations of their delamination and fracture mechanics responses. He has expertise in developing effective design and experimental programs for specific case studies. He has a long record of professional and research experiences in computational mechanics and experimental characterization (static & dynamic) of advanced materials; structural rehabilitation and vibration-based damage detection of structures using smart sensors and materials; fatigue, and fracture of materials; characterization of impact response and other highly nonlinear events of structural materials.

Dr. Taheri worked in the industry for eight years before joining academia in 1994. He has also been engaged in several consulting projects commissioned by prestigious entities such as the Canadian Space Agency, and the Defence Research Laboratories, as well as other industries. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Nova Scotia. He is also a member of ASME. 

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