Imhotep's Legacy Academy (ILA)

Dalhousie is strengthened by the diversity of our student body. The Imhotep's Legacy Academy (ILA) is an organization that has been creating pathways to higher education in engineering and science for youth of African heritage in Nova Scotia for 15 years. A key renovation component of the IDEA Project will provide ILA with expanded and improved offices and meeting rooms, as well as a brand new maker space, to further their mission.

Imhotep's Legacy Academy Offices

As the John Lindsay Sr. Design Commons opens in the Design Building, the former Engineering Design Commons in the Sexton Memorial Gymnasium building reopens as the new main office for Imhotep's Legacy Academy.

This new space constitutes a significant improvement over ILA's former office in the Killam Library, offering expanded office space, dedicated tutoring spaces, and better proximity to the newly created Imhotep Makerspace.

Imhotep Makerspace

The Imhotep Makerspace is an exciting addition to ILA's resources and infrastructure. Located in the Ira McNab building, in a renovated Mechanical Engineering lab, this space will enable ILA to bring more junior high and hich school students to Dalhousie for programming and also serve as a meeting place for current Dal students working as mentors with the group

General science experiments, basic electrical engineering work with circuits, 3D printing and fabrication, and introductory computer programming are some of the key activities this space will enable.

The Faculty of Engineering is excited to have ILA on the Sexton Campus, helping to engage a new generation of young people with the rewarding career prospects offered by the profession of engineering.