Staff Mentor Program

The goal of a staff mentorship program is to advance the personal and professional development of our junior colleagues. This is achieved by providing mentees with guidance, advice and feedback from mentors with more experience than themselves.

What is a mentor?  A mentor is not a teacher nor are they a boss.  A mentor is a colleague who has expertise in a subject matter and they are a leader.  

Being a mentor is a true commitment.
Mentors can last for a few months or up to a full year. 

You must be willing to invest time and willing to share your knowledge.  You need a space to meet, you must set clear expectations for both the mentor and the mentee, and you must come prepared.  

After a few meetings with your mentee make time to ask how the meetings are going for them, what has been helpful, and what could you both do to make this a more rewarding experience. 

As a mentor we ask that you establish confidentiality with the mentee.  Your mentee needs to feel safe if they are sharing their fears or complaints.  Mentors encourage mentees to seek solutions for their own problems.  

If would like to be a mentor or a mentee in the Faculty of Engineering, please contact Ken Rice