March 16th COVID‑19 Update


Faculty of Engineering Responding to COVID 19 UPDATE March 16, 2020

TO: Students, Faculty and Staff

From: Dean, Faculty of Engineering

I know you have been receiving many emails but I want to keep you updated with the latest information. We are hoping to have a Faculty webpage soon so that you can find the latest information there and cut down on email traffic.

For today, I want to share the following:

· Although the campus buildings are not closed, we are continuing to advise students to stay away from campus unless absolutely necessary. As we transition to fully remote/online course delivery, there should be very little need to be on campus.

· If you have questions contact your Department or Advisors by email.

· Faculty members and instructors are working hard to develop a revised plan for each course. There were many department and program discussions today which will continue tomorrow. The goal is to provide you with updated information on every course by 5 pm March 18.

Continually review advice from Nova Scotia Public Health and other agencies. Stay well.