Consulting & Services

Assistance to industry

CIFT offers assistance to industry through their talented technical staff, professors and students. Support services include:

     Edible Oil Analysis

  • Peroxide values
  • Anisidine values
  • Free fatty acid values
  • Lipid extraction using a variety of methods
  • Acccurate EPA and DHA analysis (GOED method)
  • Lipid class analysis
  • Fatty acid profile

    Fermentation Related Services

  • Food process design: Thermal and non-thermal processing: Drying, high pressure, low temperature, and modified atmosphere

    General Food Science Support

  • Product and process development
  • Sensory evaluation: with emphasis on fresh and frozen food sensory
  • Optimal process design: particularly in regards to improved quality for fresh and frozen foods
  • Analysis: biochemical, toxilogical, sensory, and physical
  • Interim processing facilities
  • Training & Auditing: training food and beverage technology short courses. Food safety training and implementation.
  • Assessment of technology (local, new and/or imported)
  • By-product utilization
  • Packaging technology
  • Product evaluation & quality confirmation