CIFT's Facilities and labs include:

Food Analysis Laboratory

The chemical analysis of the laboratory has facilities for proximate analysis, basic wet chemistry and quality assessment tests for products and materials.

The microbiology section of the Food Analysis Lab has facilities for microbiological examination of product and water samples.

Food Chemistry Instrument Room

The Food Chemistry Instrument Room has the instrument Room has the instrumentation (Spectrometers, centrifuges, HPLC, FPLC etc.) required to conduct component analyses of the final product. Capabilities also include the purification, characterization and analysis of enzymes.

Rheology/Texture Laboratory

The Rheology/Texture Laboratory is used for applied research on rhelogical properties of products by measuring and comparing the textual attributes to quantiy the effects of variables such as processing conditions and ingredients.

Edible Oils Laboratory

Fermented Beverages Sector