Women in Engineering

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Do you want to make a difference in product designs and processes that influence everyone? Female engineers are in high demand, and currently make up less than 30% of the workforce. Be a part of a vibrant culture that is driven to make positive change in the world.



Whether it's improving health care systems, creating better energy solutions, or ensuring a safe and reliable water supply, engineers have the knowledge to solve the greatest global challenges.
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Find your community of like-minded peers who are looking to make a difference in the future of engineering.
Women in Engineering (WiE)

• Go Eng Girl Event - November 26th

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With two unique campuses, you’re sure to find your perfect fit in Halifax or Truro. All students complete years three and four at the Halifax campus.
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New engineering fund honours trail-blazing women at Dalhousie

A former Faculty of Engineering staff member keeps history alive by establishing a fund to empower female engineers.

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