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EMerging WIreless Technologies (MYTECH) Lab

Welcome to the digital home of the Emerging Wireless Technologies Research Group.

The contemporary world is witness to the introduction of new technologies and applications with each passing day. The traditional modes of computing are fast being replaced by mobile computing. Mobile computing begins with the high-configuration laptop (or, notebook) computers and includes tablet computers, cellular phones, and smaller elements such as sensor nodes, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags. In a perfect infrastructure, these elements will be connected by a backend enterprise infrastructure for managing all data associated with them. This is given by the concept of cloud computing. These are the key elements of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our work focuses mainly on addressing the security, reliability (quality of service (QoS) and resource management) and application requirements of these emerging wireless technologies. Specifically, we work on:

  • Vulnerability analysis of WiFi, WiMAX, Ad Hoc wireless, RFID/NFC, Sensor (WSN – Wireless Sensor Networks and WBAN – Wireless Body Area Networks) and Smartphone networks;
  • Design of Cryptographic algorithms for group key management in resource-constrained networks;
  • Design of security best practices, risk mitigation and analysis, and design of intrusion detection / prevention mechanisms;
  • Enhancement of QoS in 3G+ wireless networks, optical burst switching techniques for QoS, and performance analysis of wireless networks;
  • Design and analysis of security mechanisms for the cloud;
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of smartphone applications;
Group Website: https://projects.cs.dal.ca/mytech/w/
Contact Information: Dr. Srinivas (Srini) Sampalli at (902)494-1657
Faculty Members: Dr. Srinivas (Srini) Sampalli

Network Information Management and Security (NIMS) Lab

Organizations are increasingly relying on networks for the seamless integration of distributed information systems. This has provided many advantages but it has also increased the capacity for the disruption of mission critical services. Some of these problems can be addressed by augmenting existing network management tools, but new approaches, ones that can be integrated with the existing infrastructure, must be developed in order to deal with novel threats. The Network Information Management and Security (NIMS) group proposes a holistic yet distributed approach to network information management and security. The NIMS group has a strong background in networking as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. The group meets biweekly at the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University.

Group Website: http://projects.cs.dal.ca/projectx/
Contact Information: Dr. Nur Zincir-Heywood at zincir@cs.dal.ca
Faculty Members:


Who we are:

Khurram Aziz

  • Optical packet and burst switched networks
  • Optical interconnects
  • Analytical modelling and simulation
  • Network routing and switching

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Peter Bodorik

  • Distributed and web technologies
  • Privacy architecture
  • Transactional caching
  • Distributed database
  • E-commerce, E-business, E-government

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Israat Haque

  • Network design and optimization
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cyber Physical System (CPS)

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Malcolm Heywood

  • Genetic programming
  • Coevolution and reinforcement learning tasks
  • Streaming data analysis
  • Behavioural modelling
  • Machine learning in games and financial trading

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Masud Rahman

  • Software engineering
  • Software maintenance & evolution
  • Software debugging
  • Code search & reviews
  • Mining software repositories

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Paul Ralph

  • Software Engineering
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Game Design
  • Project Management
  • Research Methods

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Srini Sampalli

SriniSampalli (1)
  • Cyber security, risk mitigation, vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection & prevention
  • Emerging wireless technologies / Mobile computing
  • Applications of near field communications (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, smartphones, sensor networks & body area networks

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Raghav Sampangi

  • Context-aware and usable security and privacy
  • Security (key management and authentication)
  • Internet of Things and resource-constrained systems
  • User interaction with mobile devices/applications

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Qiang Ye

  • Wireless Networks
  • Mobile Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Network Security
  • Data Analytics

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Nur Zincir-Heywood

  • Computer networks 
  • Network operations / Network data analysis
  • System data analysis
  • Cyber security
  • Computational intelligence

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