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Our community of students, staff and faculty are passionate about sharing our time and skills to promote computer science in our community. We're keen to work alongside groups that share our values so we can work together to accomplish our common goals. There is a variety of ways in which we can help our partners out - connect with us to see what makes the most sense for you!

Space & Resources

Our dynamic building offers a variety of options for workshops, interactive sessions, lectures and meetings. If we're not using our space, we're happy to share it with our partners. Our dedicated CS Help desk are often on-site to lend a helping technical hand.


Volunteers & Mentors

Community engagement is strong here at FCS. We have 3 active student societies and a long list of dedicated student volunteers. Many of our students would love to gain experience through mentorship and volunteer opportunities with your organization.


Programming Support

Many of our students & profs are happy to help you develop programming for your next workshop, class or camp. Developing activities that would be easy for you to teach - and even easier for non-CS individuals to learn - is a great way for our students to gain valuable experience.


Promotional Support
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Our team is happy to help you spread the word directly with our student groups, staff and faculty by hanging posters in our building or sharing via our active and appropriate social channels - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Connect with us

Email outreach@cs.dal.ca to start the conversation.