Directed Reading and Special Topics Classes

Do you have a very keen interest in a particular topic and wish to do detailed research in that area? Directed Readings and or Special Topics classes give you the flexibility to work in smaller groups or independently supervised (directed readings) by a faculty member who shares a similar interest and passion in your topic.

How to choose a Directed Reading or Special Topics class

With the approval of the GWST co-ordinator,* the above course numbers may be used in three ways, namely:

  1. Students may arrange with a particular professor (at least 4 months in advance) to do a directed reading course specifically designed for a area of common interest between the professor and the student.
  2. Best option: Students may arrange with a particular professor to take a slightly modified version of a regularly scheduled class or a topics class offered by the professor in his or her home department but not cross-listed with GWST. Appropriate classes might include topics classes on women and/or gender issues, classes on women writers or on gender themes in various literary traditions or see over for some possibilities for next year. Areas of philosophy/theory specifically relevant to feminist gender analysis.
  3. The GWST program may offer a scheduled “Special Topics” class. In this option, the topic will be set by March, when registration opens up for the following academic year.

For options one and two, both student and professor must complete and sign the Directed Reading Course form [PDF - 113 KB].

Please note:

  • The form requires the signature of the instructor, because these are advanced classes.
  • It is important that you have appropriate background in the discipline.
  • The co-ordinator gives permission for you to register once you've given her the completed form.

Directed Reading classes for 2014/2015

Please contact the coordinator Dr. Margaret Denike for information on upcoming 2014-15 Directed Readings Courses.