European Studies Colloquium 2011 Programme

European Mediations: 
Transnational and Supranational Formations

Organized by the Centre for European Studies, Dalhousie University

9 April 2011, McCain 2021

Crossing Borders

Chair: Estelle Joubert (Music)

  • Jure Gantar (Theatre), “European Realpolitik in Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell’Arte”
  • Julia M. Wright (English), “The Outsider National Tale: Irish Romantic Writers on the French Wars of Religion”
  • Lesley Newhook (English), “Revolution in Red Cotton Night-Cap Country: Robert Browning’s Mediation of the Civil War in France”

Europe and Empire

Chair:  Krista Kesselring (History)

  • Jack Crowley (History), “Europe’s Imperial Landscapes, 1492-1820:  From Icon to Locale"
  • Peter O’Brien (Classics), “’We are nature’s monsters; you the wonders of Heaven’: Le Brun’s Letters from Canadian Barbary”
  • Ruben Zaiotti (Political Science), “The Hybrid Continent: Envisioning Europe as Superstate and Neo-medieval Empire”

Cultural Migrations

Chair: Roberta Barker (Theatre)

  • Melissa Furrow (English), “Translatio generum: The Translation of Genres from Court to Court During the Hundred Years’ War”
  • Jane Curran (German), “Eighteenth-Century Cosmopolitanism in Europe”
  • Ronald Tetreault (English), “Crossing Borders: Shakespeare in France under the Old Regime”

This colloquium inaugurates a new annual event to be organized by Dalhousie’s Centre for European Studies, and is generously supported by FASS through the Faculty’s Alumni Funds.  Please address any queries to this year’s organizer, Julia M. Wright (Canada Research Chair in European Studies):


Call for Papers:

Proposals are invited from faculty and graduate students for the first annual European Studies Colloquium at Dalhousie on 9 April 2011 (McCain 2021), organized by Dalhousie’s Centre for European Studies. Our topic this year is “European Mediations: Transnational and Supranational Formations” and is intended to be open to a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and eras, from antiquity forward to the present. 

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • treaties, alliances, empires, and unions:  negotiating and maintaining supranational formations
  • media and mediation:  the role of various media (print, film, electronic, etc.) in representing or resisting such formations
  • transnational negotiations:  cross-border identities, migration, diaspora
  • nationalism and the trans/supra-national
  • official languages, minority languages: the politics and/or pragmatics of translation
  • cultural works moving across national borders (and/or efforts to curtail it):  music, literature, radio, television, internet

Please send 200-word proposals for 20-minute papers to by February 7th, 2011.