Situating Emerging Science, Medicine, & Technology


Our multi-sited ethnographic projects are situated in laboratories (public and private, in biotechnology and pharmaceutical corporate offices, in government regulatory agencies, and in global communities (North and South)

We bring theoretical and methodological disciplinary expertise from social science, science, and the humanities to interdisciplinary engagements involving science and technology studies, law, medicine, and the biosciences. We’ve been focusing on  the relationalities and materialities of human and non-human encounters in the regulation of emerging therapeutic and food products, such as GMOs, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and vaccines and their fault lines (including safety, risk, efficacy, effectiveness, adverse events, and biopollutants).

The fieldwork sites for our research include clinical trials sites, pharmaceutical, biologic and vaccine manufacturers, agri-biotech laboratories in Canada and the developing world, expert advisory committees, regulatory agencies, health technology assessment agencies, various scientific  and policy settings, multi-lateral as well as patient activist organizations, and local communities where these products of bioscience end up.