Our Team


Current TRRU Research Team

Our research team invites disciplinary diversity and includes anthropologists and sociologists of medicine, science and technology, molecular biologists, medical professionals, political scientists; bioethicists, lawyers and historians of risk and regulation.





Director of TRRU

Janice E. Graham


Trust, acceptance and Sufficiency: Law as a Barrier to, and Enabler of, Routine and Responsive Immunization, including COVID-19


Shawn Harmon

Research Fellow 

Ksenia Kholina

RIM Student  

Rachel Parker   

Research Assistant 

Maya Lowe                

Research Assistant 

Victoria Rico

Beyond Transparency in Pharmaceutical Research and Regulation



Matthew Herder

Research Associate

Ipek Eren Vural



How do Emotions and Gender Shape Understandings of Vaccination During Pregnancy?


Postdoctoral Fellow

Terra Manca