Our Team

Our Research Team invites disciplinary diversity and includes anthropologists and sociologists of medicine, science and technology, molecular biologists, political scientists; bioethicists, lawyers and historians of risk and regulation.

Janice Graham


Christina Holmes

    Mavis Jones
Robert Nuttall Aboubakary Sanou  
Fiona MacDonald
Amrita Mishra Matthew Herder
Shawn Harmon Regna Darnell Farah Huzair
Sharon Abramowitz Eve Dube
Moustapha Diop
Anita Schroven    
Anita Shroven Tamara Giles-Vernick Oumy Thiongane
Elizabeth Toller Jack Bend  
Connor O'Dea Emma Varley Marylene Dugas
Alex Borda-Rodriguez   Sharon Batt