An Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Unit

The Technoscience Research and Regulation Unit (TRRU) was founded in 2005 by our director, Dr. Janice E. Graham. Located in Dalhousie University's Clinical Research Centre, our research unit uses a science and technology studies (STS) conceptual framework in tandem with ethnographic methodology to understand how biological and cultural facts emerge. Science studies allows us to treat entities such as data, information, and disease as “actors” engaged in diverse practices and entangled in a web of relations and connections.

Our research team consists of anthropologists and sociologists of medicine, science and technology scholars, molecular biologists, lawyers, philosophers, political scientists, bioethicists and historians. This diversity of expertise enables the application of a variety of interdisciplinary approaches to case-studies at both local and global contexts. This way we can track the relationships of human and non-human entities in the regulation of emerging therapeutic and food products, pharmaceuticals, biologics and vaccines.

The TRRU team is continously engaged in a wide range of projects and activities all of which produce diverse reports, publications and presentations. Learn more about recent events and news from TRRU. 

We conduct fieldwork in diverse settings, including clinical trial sitesstandardization committees of the World Health Organization (WHO), and vaccinology laboratories.

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