Ksenia Kholina

Ksenia Kholina is a Research Fellow working primarily on the Law as a Barrier and an Enabler project. Ksenia's current research is focused on social and legal aspects of routine immunization frameworks and emergency vaccine rollout across Canada and globally. On top of her research work with TRRU, Ksenia is teaching part-time at the Department of Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University. 

Prior to this position, Ksenia completed a Medical Degree abroad. While studying, Ksenia worked in a clinical research setting and developed a strong interest in social aspects of health and disease prevention that led her to critical health research.

Following her relocation to Halifax in 2016, Ksenia successfully completed BSc and MSc Applied Human Nutrition programs at Mount Saint Vincent University. Her expertise and research potential were recognized by Research Nova Scotia with a prestigious Scotia Scholars Award and The Quest - John Ruedy Award among others.

You can learn more about Ksenia's work and connect with her via LinkedIn.