Reine Aouba

Reine Aouba 1

Reine Aouba is 36 years old, and holds a Masters in Sociology, a Bachelor’s degree in English studies and a Masters in Local Development. She is a Research Assistant at the Center of National Research in health issues in Burkina Faso [Centre de Recherche en Santé de Nouna  (CRSN)]. Reine has worked as a Project Assistant with an anti-HIV/AIDS NGO on a project dealing with orphans and vulnerable children, as a director of a project promoting hygiene and sanitation, as a teacher of decentralization in high schools, and as a consultant on a variety of studies. Her interests and background cover a wide range of issues and domains, including development, health and health systems, health contracting, microfinance, and health care quality. She is presently involved in two studies, one dealing with the theme of sexual behavior and serological status and the other regarding the understanding of the processes of knowledge transfer, translation and implementation associated with Meningitis A vaccination efforts (MenAfriVac). Reine has a strong command of the English language as well as good knowledge of both British and American culture and literature, all of which are assets in the current context of partnership and international research collaboration.