Regna Darnell
Regna Darnell is Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology and First Nations Studies at the University of Western Ontario with a cross-appointment to the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry program in Ecosystem Health.  Her research with First Nations peoples, primarily Cree and Ojibwe,  has ranged across linguistics, cross-cultural mis-communication, ethnohistory, history of anthropology,  medical anthropology, qualitative ethnographic methods, and collaborative community research models.   She has been engaged with the Walpole Island First Nation located in the chemical valley below Sarnia ON for two decades and has worked on a variety of ecosystem health projects there since 2003.  Current research focuses on community responses to externally imposed environmental and health standards as well as how the community attains consensus in balancing preservation of traditional knowledge with deploying science evidence toward community goals.


Current Students working in Walpole Island:

Leanne Bekeris
Darren Dokis
Joshua Smith