Usage Rules: Reactive Sample Slots

  • These slots occur between the hours of 4 pm and 9 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Time is reserved via the CALCIUM scheduling system.
  • The time must be reserved in CALCIUM at least 2 days in advance.

  • No more than 2 consecutive slots can be booked by a given research group.

  • You must come to the NMR facility to pause the ICON-NMR queue yourself. You are not permitted to hit the pause button on the queue before 4 pm.

  • Although your starting time will depend on the amount of time left in the current ICON-NMR experiment, you are still permitted a full 5 hours. So, if the ICON-NMR experiment stops at 4:30, you can work until 9:30.

    Reactive Sample Slots FAQ


    Q. Instead of booking from 4 – 9 pm, can I instead book from 5 – 10 pm?

    A. No, the start time must be 4 pm. Starting times 5 pm or later run the risk of long night time experiments running in the ICON-NMR queue when you press the pause button.

    Q. Can I work later than 9 pm?

    A. If at 9 pm you wish to run more experiments, you can go ahead and do so provided the amount of time waiting in the ICON-NMR queue (day + night experiments) is less than 12 hours. So, if a total of 10 hours of experiments is queued, you can work an extra two hours until 11 pm if you wish.

    Q. Can I reserve 2 hours and someone else sign up for the remaining 3 hours?

    A. No, this is no longer allowed. This used to be permitted but it created occasional problems with the second person not showing up. This resulted in the ICON-NMR queue sitting idle overnight.