The NMR3 facility charges all research groups for time on the NMR spectrometers as well as for a variety of supplies and services. Typically, researcher groups are invoiced four times annually (once per quarter) with payment options being through a specified Dalhousie account number, Journal Entry, or by cheque.

Magnet time is billed at an hourly rate which is a function of whether the associated research originates from an academic lab or an industrial/government lab.  Furthermore,time for academic research is subdivided according to whether or not the research is Dalhousie based and, if not, whether your Institution supports NMR3 (see below for further details).

Authorized researchers can perform NMR experiments independently in a hands-on fashion (with an associated lower cost).  Alternatively, the facility offers a comprehensive NMR service for both liquids and solids.  In the latter case, your experiments will be performed by a NMR3 facility staff member.

Learn How Your Academic Institution Can Support NMR3

Any academic institution outside of Dalhousie can become classified as an NMR3 Supporting Institution by paying an annual flat-rate fee of $750 to support NMR3 costs. Payment will entitle any academic researcher from that institution to obtain NMR data at the current Dalhousie hourly rate for magnet time for a period of one year.