For AV-300 and AV-500

  • NMR-3 staff train researchers for hands-on use of the AV-300 and AV-500 high-resolution NMR spectrometers.  Training sessions are typically held once each month.
  • Researchers must register in advance for inclusion in training classes.  Registration forms are available below and in the right-hand menu.
  • Researchers new to NMR-3 will be required to read the NMR-3 Facility User Guide [PDF] in advance of their training and complete a quiz on the material.
  • All trainees must read the appropriate training guide before attending their training session.  See the right-hand menu for quick access to the most common guides.
  • Routine spectrometer training must be successfully completed before any advanced training can occur, such as sensitive sample training on the AV-500 and/or variable temperature NMR training on the AV-300.

For Avance-700 and DSX-400

  • Training on the solid state NMR spectrometers is done one-on-one. Please contact directly. 

How to Register