Mike Lumsden

Dr. Mike Lumsden,B.Sc., PhD (Dal)
Office: Room 428
NMR Lab: Room 431
(902) 494-1635

I was introduced to the world of NMR spectroscopy as an undergrad and did an Honour's project studying relaxation processes in metal phosphine complexes.  I continued on at Dalhousie in the lab of Professor Rod Wasylishen and did a Ph.D. which focussed on both experimental and theoretical studies of anisotropic nuclear spin interactions in spin-1/2 nuclei of solids.


I joined the facility as the high-resolution NMR specialist in 1994, at which point my focus shifted from the (often) broad lines of solids to the (often) sharp lines of liquid samples. 


In 2002, I took over the role of Coordinator.  I continue to have a strong interest in many areas of NMR, with a particular passion for liquid-state techniques involved in small molecule structure elucidation.