Automotive‑scale testing facility

An ultrahigh precision charger facility for the testing of automotive Li-ion cells is being established.  Strict temperature control of the cells during testing is required and laboratory safety must be maintained.  Special cell testing chambers have been constructed which ensure lab safety and provide the needed temperature control1.

Figure 1 - 30 Ah Li-ion automotive cell in a testing tray


Figure 2 - Temperature control box within Justrite safety cabinet showing three automotive cells mounted

Figure 3 - Three temperature control boxes in each of six Justrite cabinets in our facility


  1. Dahn, J. R., Trussler, S., Dugas, S., Coyle, D. J., Dahn, J. J., & Burns, J. C. (2013). Accurate and Precise Temperature-Controlled Boxes for the Safe Testing of Advanced Automotive Li-Ion Cells with High Precision Coulometry. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 160(2), A251-A258.