This lab focuses on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials for Energy Storage, primarily in the area of Lithium-ion batteries.  Our goals are to improve the energy density, increase the safety, decrease the cost and improve the cycle and calendar lifetime of the batteries.  There are projects on new positive electrode materials, new negative electrode materials, and Li-ion battery safety that are well established and have a long history in the group.  Our studies of the reasons for the failure of Li-ion cells began in 2008 and now represent the largest focus area for the group. See lab description to learn more.

Research Areas

Example Research Project

In-situ measurements of gas evolution

Pouch cells are suspended in fluid to measure the volume of gas evolved using Archimedes' principle.

Experiments are run in a custom-made temperature controlled chamber.

Example Research Equipment

Scanning Electron Microscope

SEM Image of Ni1/2Mn1/2(OH)2 precursor made in the Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR). See facilities for a lab tour.