Facilities and Equipment

Room 308

Ultra High Precision Charger

UHPC Cyclers

5 Vertical Units make a 100-channel Ultra High Precision Charger.

Novonix System

Novonix cycling systems provide an additional 40 ultra high precision coulometry channels.


Cell Testing Facility

Cell Chargers

Expanded Cell testing facility now has 5 Neware cyclers for a total of 480 channels!


Cell Chambers

3 temperature chambers are enclosed in every JustRite cabinet.  Photo above also shows 4 other temperature-controlled boxes.


Room 312

Cell Testing Facility

High Precision Charger

Jessie preparing cells on the HPC software.


Temperature Controlled Chambers

Chris changing the temperature on one of the chamber controllers.


Maccor Cycler

Jian connecting cables on the Maccor System.


Neware Cyclers

Neware Cell charger station with temperature chambers - 192 channels.



192 more Neware channels with temperature chambers.




Battery Microcalorimeter

Laura removing a cell from the microcalorimeter.


A pouch cell is enclosed in each capsule as shown to the right.


Dahn Headquarters

The Captain's Chair

Jeff helping lab members John and Dan.



Minds at Work

Nupur, Jian and David discussing electrolyte additives in non-pandemic times!



Colby and Chris managing their projects.


Room 313

313A - Electrolyte & Electrolyte Additive Lab

Double Glove Box

Kathlyne preparing electrolytes in one of the double glove boxes we have.


Sample Characterization


TA-Instruments SDT-Q600 with RGA



Madeleine, summer student setting the TGA.



G20 Compact Titrator



C30 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator



Lina, summer student, using the titrator



Two GC-MS Instruments.  Left one Dedicated for Liquid Analyses and the Right one for Gas Analyses

In-situ Volume Measuring Systems



Furnaces for sample syntheses





313B - Characterization Lab

X-ray Diffractometer



X-ray Sample


Dan setting up the XRD.


Particle Size Distribution Analyzer

60MHz Benchtop NMR and Benchtop Phenom SEM

Room 314

Solid-State Battery Lab

Solid-State Preparation Glove Box


Planetary and Ball Mills used for grinding materials to sub-micron diameters.



Room 316

Pouch Cell Station

Pouch Cell Filling Glove Box

A closer look at the workspace


Electrolyte-filled Cell prepared for evacuation/sealing

Impedance Spectroscopy

48-Channel EIS Measurement Station

Room 317B

Chicken Coop

The Chickens in their Coop

Former graduate students of the Dahn group

Room 321

Physical Properties Lab

Ultrasonic Scanning Instrument

Differential Thermal Analysis

Helium Pycnometer and BET machine


Room 322

Positive Electrode Material Synthesis Lab

Continuous Stirred-tank Reactor




New Eppendorf CSTR



Room 323

Cell Abuse Lab

Nail Penetration Testing Machine


Nail test outcome - Cell may or may not go out of control and combust


Laser Cell Thickness


UCV Cell Storage


Room 217

Coin Cell and Electrode Fabrication

Coin Cell Crimper



Muffle and Tube Furnaces

Atmospheric Muffle furnaces


Tube Furnaces, choice of gas atmosphere


Dry Particle Fusion Machines

Lab-Built Dry Particle Fusion Machines (by our machinist)


CVC Sputtering System

CVC Sputtering System


Inside view of CVC chamber after depositing aluminium



Cell Testing Facility

Neware cyclers

Neware cell cyclers (200 channels) and temperature chambers.


FRA cycler

FRA cycler with 24 channels


Machine Shop

Simon Trussler provides us with machining services.


Student Machine Shop

Students may use the student shop for their projects.


X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy