Immigrant Women

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Immigrant Women, Family Violence, and Pathways Out of Homelessness

[PDF - 430 kB]
Wilfreda E. Thurston, Barbara Clow, David Este, Tess Gordey, Brenda Strafford, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Liza McCoy, Rachel Rapaport Beck, Christine Saulnier, Jana Smith, Lesley Carruthers (2006)

Affirming Immigrant Women's Health: Building Inclusive Health Policy [PDF - 255 kB]
Marian MacKinnon, Laura Lee Howard (2000)

Equitable Access to Healthcare, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention for Recent Immigrant Women Living in Nova Scotia, Canada: Report on Phase 1 [PDF - 134 kB]
Swarna Weerasinghe, Terry Mitchell, Linda Hamilton, Mireille Ragheb (2000)

Ethnicity, Income and Access to Health Care in the Atlantic Region: A Synthesis of the Literature [PDF - 130 kB]
Najma R. Sharif, Atul A. Dar, Carol Amaratunga (2000)

Keeping Canadian Values in Health Care: Inclusion, Diversity and Social Justice in Health: Newcomers from Kosovo [PDF - 196 kB] (1999)