Challenging assumptions

ACEWH has led or collaborated on a number of research projects designed to address the gaps in knowledge about the relationship between:

  • overweight
  • obesity
  • health
  • wellness

Addressing the social determinants of health

Overweight and obesity have become growing concerns in recent years. Researchers, clinicians, policy makers and the media have sounded an alarm that the world is in the middle of a new health care crisis—an "epidemic" of obesity, that is contributing to increased chronic health care needs and costs. 

As a result, health promotion efforts have focused, to a large extent, on encouraging individuals to make healthier choices about diet and exercise with the goal of promoting thinner, healthier bodies. Less attention has been paid to the linkages between obesity and the social determinants of health or to the social, emotional and psychological impact of overweight and obesity in societies that are increasingly "fatphobic".

Food insecurity & obesity

This project investigates the contradictory association between food insecurity, inadequate economic resources to purchase food, and obesity.

Pregnancy, overweight & obesity

Firsthand stories provide rich data and a new understanding of weight management through all stages of pregnancy.