Research Methods

Capacity building tools

In the early years, the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health (ACEWH) provided seed funding to community-based organizations and university-based researchers to undertake research and capacity building related to women's health. 

Early grants an important investment

Gradually ACEWH began to conduct more research, in collaboration with many partners, and stopped funding other organizations. But these early seed grants were important. Some supported the development of new initiatives, such as the Black Women's Health Project. This project worked to generate new knowledge and raise awareness about the health status and health needs of African Nova Scotian women and eventually morphed into a vital not-for-profit organization, the Health Association of African Canadians.

Other grants were used to create various tools to support community-based research and strengthen capacity. These tools, along with ACEWH's other research reports, provide valuable information on research design and methods, project management and evaluation.

Research and products

Evaluation Made Very Easy, Accessible, and Logical
[PDF - 1008 kB]
K. Farell, M. Kratzmann, S. McWilliam, N. Robinson, S. Saunders, J. Ticknor, K. White (2002)

Collaborative Research Proposals: A Guide Prepared for the Capacity Building for Collaborative Health Research in Nova Scotia [PDF - 128 kB]
Susan J. Rolston (2001)

Guiding Principles Community Consultations [PDF - 541 kB]
Susan Kirkland, Alison James (2000)

Guidelines for Preparing Research Proposals: Navigating the Road to Success
[PDF - 558 kB] (1999)

Shaping Women's Health Research: Scope and Methodologies
[PDF - 174 kB]
Marika Morris (1999)