About us

The Treasury & Investment Office is one of a number of units that report to the Vice-President, Finance & Administration’s portfolio of integrated services. The primary objective of the Treasury and Investment Office is to support the University’s mission with effective financial support through appropriate risk-adjusted returns on investments, and with the structuring and management of debt to provide cost-effective financing that meets the capital needs and financial capacity of the University. 

Our activities

Activities of the Treasury & Investment Office include:

  • Develop and recommend strategic structures for the University's  endowment, short-term  and pension plan investment programs, and provide active management of these investment programs;
  • Review, draft and recommend policies for investments, cash management, debt program, and endowment spending;
  • Arrange and coordinate banking relationships and services for the University's cash management needs;
  •  Provide budgetary support and faculty support for endowment spending;
  •  Provide accounting, cash management and funding cost projections for the pension plan.