Treasury Management

There are three main areas under Treasury Management; Cash Management, Expendable Funds and External Debt.

Cash Management

Treasury and Investments department is responsible for all University accounts with chartered banks and other financial institutions. All accounts used for the benefit of, or in connection with, all Dalhousie University programs or activities must adhere to the Bank Accounts Policy and Procedures.

Expendable Funds

The University accumulates cash balances which will fluctuate in size during the fiscal year. The University, through Treasury and Investment department strives to both protect and optimize the value of these funds, and invests excess funds not immediately required at the maximum yield available within an appropriate level of risk, liquidity and diversification as outlined in the Expendable Funds Policy.

External Debt

Dalhousie issues and manages debt that is needed to fund the construction of physical facilities that enable the delivery of academic programs and services.  Debt is a limited resource, and consequently is limited for top priorities and where annual servicing can be identified and dedicated.

Debt Metrics:

  1. Debt Service Coverage:  Annual principal and interest payments as a percentage of operating and ancillary revenue.

  2. Debt to Total Revenue:  Total debt outstanding as a percentage of total operating revenue

  3. Debt per FTE Student