You'll have plenty of dining options to choose from during your stay. Buffet meals are available in our dining hall, as well as an eclectic collection of restaurants around Bible Hill and Truro. Bon appetite!

On-campus dining

Jenkins Hall is often open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet, depending on business levels. A minium guarantee of 35 guests is required to open the hall for any meal, but this can be in combination with other guests. Please inquire about availability whe you check in. Hours are dependant on the number of guests on campus.

Nearby restaurants

  • Roadside Willies - 27 Jennifer Drive, Bible Hill
  • Tim Hortons - 53 Main Street, Bible Hill
  • Salah Thai - 793 Prince Street, Truro
  • The Nook & Cranny - 627 Prince Street, Truro
  • Bistro 22 - 16 Inglis Street, Truro
  • Novel Tea Bookstore¬† Cafe - 3 Pleasant Street, Truro