Group Accommodation Locations

Centrally located on our Agricultural Campus

With over 200 rooms located in the heart of Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus, there's no shortage of comfort for your group.

Chapman House 20 Horseshoe Crescent 17 single rooms 81 double rooms*
Fraser House 10 Horseshoe Crescent 5 single rooms 85 double rooms
Trueman House 30 Horseshoe Crescent 4 single rooms 53 double rooms

In total, Dalhousie has 464 beds (1 person per bed, 2 people in boutique rooms) to offer from May through August, in Truro. Availability will vary; speak to a Conference Services team member for more information.

*Please note that 17 of Chapman House's double rooms are boutique rooms, able to comfortably accommodate two adults in a double bed.
Booking group accommodations
2014 - LeMarchant Place Room 3

Booking your group accommodations is easy - simply call 902.893.4122 or email