Group Accommodation Locations

Options from south end to downtown Halifax

With over 1,500 rooms across two campuses in Halifax, finding a residence building that suits the needs of your group leaves you with options.

Gerard Hall 5303 Morris Street 155 single rooms 45 double rooms
Howe Hall 6230 Coburg Road 471 single rooms 131 double rooms
LeMarchant Place 1246 LeMarchant Street

10 single rooms

60 2-bedroom shared bathroom

43 2-bedroom suites

10 3-bedroom suites

20 4-bedroom suites

Risley Hall 1233 LeMarchant Street 490 single rooms 0 double rooms
Shirreff Hall 6385 South Street 293 single rooms 67 double rooms

In total, Dalhousie has over 2,000 beds (1 person per bed) to offer from May through August, across two campuses in Halifax. Availability will vary; speak to an Event & Conference Services team member for more information.

Booking group accommodations
2014 - LeMarchant Place Room 3

Booking your group accommodations is easy - simply call 902-494-8876 or email