Scholarly Misconduct

Breaches in standards

Though rare, breaches in agreed upon standards of responsible conduct of research—referred to here as ‘Scholarly Misconduct’—do occur from time to time.

What constitutes scholarly misconduct?

Most evident are actions involving FFP: Fabrication and/or Falsification of Data, and Plagiarism—the submission or presentation of the work of another as if it were one’s own. Financial misconduct, abuse of peer review, as well as misrepresentation or mismanagement of conflicts of interest also fall within this realm.

A more comprehensive, though not exhaustive, list of scholarly misconduct practices can be found appended to Dalhousie’s Scholarly Misconduct Policy. You will also find within this policy document a detailed description of the procedures to be followed when there are suspected acts of misconduct.

Note that all members of the University community share in the responsibility for ensuring adherence to generally accepted standards of scholarly conduct in relation to all scholarly activity.

Further questions?

Please contact Jennifer Bain
Scholarly Integrity Officer and Associate Vice President Research
Phone: 902-494-7102