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TRANSCAN‑3 Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (JTC 2024)

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on May 6, 2024 in Research Funding

Under the umbrella of TRANSCAN-3 (ERA-NET: Sustained collaboration of national and regional programs in cancer research), 21 funding organizations have agreed to launch a Joint Transnational  Call  (JTC  2024)  for collaborative translational research projects on cancer combination therapies.

Research projects submitted within this call should be based on novel ideas stemming from consolidated results and should be equipped with a strong translational research orientation. Proposals should demonstrate their potential health impacts and the added value of transnational collaboration.

The Joint Transnational Call for Proposals aims to promote highly innovative and ambitious collaborative projects in translational cancer research at European and international levels. The expected impact of the call is to improve the efficacy of personalized treatment of cancer patients through the development of new combinatorial treatment strategies, based on a better understanding of drug mechanistic functions and their impact on the course of the disease.

Proposals must cover 1 of the 3 specific aims:

  1. Development of new tumour-derived models to test new drug combination therapies.
  2. Design and development of high-throughput drug combination screening platforms to test new combination therapies.
  3. Use of immunotherapy and radiotherapy combination strategies to overcome drug resistance.

Phase II clinical trials are excluded from this call.

Applicants should refer to the “Guidelines for Applicants” for specific national/regional eligibility criteria.

Full details about this call can be found here.

Contact Details

External: Mauricio Garcia-Franco,


Internal:  Pre-proposals: June 20, 2024. Full proposals: Nov. 15, 2024.
External: Pre-proposals: July 5, 2024 at 12:00 CEST. Full proposals: November 29, 2024 at 12:00 CEST


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