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IDRC ‑ Women RISE: Research to support women’s health and economic empowerment recovery from COVID‑19

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on January 31, 2022 in Announcements

Women RISE (Women’s health and economic empowerment for a COVID-19 Recovery that is Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitable) is a new initiative to support action-oriented research on how women’s health and their work (paid or unpaid) intersect and interact in the context of preparing for, responding to and recovering from COVID-19.

A forthcoming call for proposals will be available to fund research teams conducting action-oriented, gender-transformative research projects to understand the relationships between women’s work and health before, during and after COVID-19. Applications will need to clearly outline the health dimension of the research and demonstrate how the proposed research will inform solutions and strategies to improve women’s health and socio-economic wellbeing during and through recovery from COVID-19.

Preliminary application details:

This will be a two-stage application process. At the first stage, applicants will submit a concept note. Only research teams successful at the concept note stage will be invited to submit full applications.

Research teams must be led by a LMIC-based researcher and include a co-lead researcher based in Canada and a relevant decision maker. The decision maker should be based in the country where the research is taking place to facilitate the uptake of research findings into policies and programs. Eligibility details, application requirements and evaluation criteria for the concept note will be outlined in the Call for Proposals.

The total amount available for this call for proposals is approximately CAD20 million, enough to fund 20 research teams. Projects will have a duration of up to 24 months and a maximum budget of CAD1,000,000 per grant.  

Launch: March 2022.

Deadline for concept notes: April 2022.

For more information, you can access the call here.

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