Online Exam Toolkit


The purpose of this toolkit is to guide course instructors in:

  • Thoughtfully designing and creating online exams
  • Deciding on exam duration, format, and conduct expectations
  • Reducing student anxiety around exams through communication and pre-exam troubleshooting
  • Re-familiarizing students with academic integrity

Use the information in this toolkit to design your exam, and then be sure to communicate important exam information to students. See the Communicating Online Exam Information to Students guide for more information, including some templates you can use in your course.

If you have any questions or would like to consult with an educational developer around your assessment design, reach out to the CLT ( For assistance in setting up exams and quizzes in Brightspace, contact ATS at or visit the ATS virtual support room.

Shaded boxes contain sample text you can copy and paste into your own documents. Edit [text in brackets] to fit your exam.