The Policies and Procedures are broken into various sections:

Section Description

Introduction and explanation of any policy & procedures relevant to the general accounting of Financial Services.  If the document doesn't relate to one of the sections below, it will be placed here.

Budget Identifies and explains any policy & procedures specific to budget preparation, planning, control and administration.
Cash Handling & Banking Any policy & procedures that related to how cash is to be handled, petty cash, bank accounts and cash surplus.
Procurement Policies & procedures as they related to purchasing goods/services by the University
Signing Authority Identify and explain any policy & procedures that related to who is eligible to sign on behalf of the University and Researchers.
Travel & Entertainment Any policy & procedures that relate to travel, entertainment, food, beverage & miscellaneous expenses reimbursement.
Treasury & Investments Identify and explain Endowment Fund Management and Spending Policies and Investment Policies & Guidelines related to each endowment operating funds, Pension Trust Fund and Retiree's Trust Fund.