Signing Authorities

The following are the signing authority policies and procedures:

Establishing of New Legal Entities This policy deals with the establishment of entities which would have a legal existence separate from the University but are owned/controlled, either in whole or part, by Dalhousie. [PDF - 15 KB]
Feb 2000
Loan Requests Normally all large purchases of capital equipment and all major alterations to property will be funded from capital sources. The source may be capital campaign proceeds, government grants for alterations and renovations or non-space equipment, a research grant or some other capital fund. Smaller items of this nature can be purchased using operating funds. In the few cases where an immediate funding source is not available and acquisition of equipment or the completion of alterations is critical, consideration will be given to financing the item by an internal loan from the University. Following is the policy and procedures to use when requesting financing in cases where an immediate funding source is not available. [PDF- 17 KB]
Sep 2006
Signing Authorities (Dalhousie University) A formalized summary of Dalhousie University's signing authority policies. [PDF - 403 KB]
Jun 2008
Spending Authority for University Funds The purpose of the Spending Authority for University Funds policy is to outline the responsibilities for University personnel who have authority to commit or spend University funds and the terms under which they can delegate spending authority. June 2016