Travel & Entertainment

The following are the travel and entertainment policies and procedures:

Entertainment, Food, Beverage & Miscellaneous Expenses This document provides policy and procedure guidelines for entertainment in support of the University's mission while maintaining controls for accountability. This policy applies to entertainment expenses paid from all University administered accounts, including operating budgets, grants, contracts and other restricted accounts. [PDF - 17 KB]
Mar 2000
Travel Policy

This document introduces and discusses general travel policy and procedure for Dalhousie University. The policy and procedure governs the reimbursement of expenses from all funds administered by the University, subject to the availability of such funds, to faculty and staff members for reasonable expenses incurred while on approved University business. This policy also applies to business expenses incurred with respect to a guest, or by a guest at the request of the University. Please see main Travel Information page for individual appendices. [PDF - 89 KB]

Per Diem Rates

Jul 2010
International Travel Policy The International Travel Policy can be found here. February 2019